Charge Point Compatibility

Charge Point Options

EV charge points are mainly defined by the power they can produce and as a result at what speed they are capable of charging an EV. Connection Type is related to the different charging plug standars and configurations.

This table represents the various charging options available to plug-in car drivers.

Charger TypePower TransferTypical Charging TimeConnection TypeIndicative CostRecommended Location
Slow≤3kWSingle Phase8-12 hrsSlow£500-1000Parking of public streets, Public Spaces, Fleet of company cars
Fast≤7kWSingle Phase3-4 hrsFast£2-3k Car rental Company, Fleet of company cars, Service stations
≤22kWThree Phase1-2hrs
Rapid≤43kWThree Phase80% in 20-30 minsRapid£20k-40kService stations
Super-Rapid >43kWThree Phase<20-30 minsTSC£22.5k-£120kService stations




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Technical Data of BEVs in the UK

BrandModel YearBattery Capacity (kWh)Range (mi)Consumption (Wh/mi)
Type 1

Type 2


Combined Charging Systems CCS

Rapid ChargingMaximum AC current accepted (A)Maximum Charge Power (kW AC)Time (0% to 100%)Maximum DC current accpeted (A)Maximum Fast Charge Power (kW DC)Fast Charge Time (min) (10% to 80%)
Audie-tron Quattroavailable from 201990250360230V / 3x32A225h35015030
Audie-tron Sportbackavailable from 201990280320230V / 3x16A119h45m39015031
BMWi3201727.2105255230V / 3x16A113h1705025
BMWi3s201727.2100270230V / 3x16A113h1605025
BMWiX3available from 202070215325230V / 3x16A117h30m36015025
CitroenC-Zero20161555270230V / 1x16A3.75h1104020
HyundaiKona Electric 64 kWhcoming soon64235270230V / 1x31A7.210h30m2408040
HyundaiKona Electric 40 kWhcoming soon39.2145270230V / 1x31A8.26h30h1705035
HyundaiIONIQ Electric201628120230230V / 1x29A6.65h2507020
JaguarI-Pace201885250340230V / 1x32A7.413h30m26010040
KiaNiro EV Long-Rangelater this year64225280230V / 1x31A7.210h30m2308040
KiaNiro EV Mid-Rangelater this year39.2140280230V / 1x31A7.26h30m1605035
KiaSoul EV201730110270230V / 1x29A6.65h30m30010015
LucidAiravailable from 201975230325230V / 3x16A118h15m38015025
MercedesEQCavailable from 201970215325230V / 3x16A117h30m36015025
NissanLeaf201838150250230V / 1x29A6.67h1805035
Nissane-NV200 Combicoming soon38115330230V / 1x29A6.67h1305035
Nissane-NV200 Combi20142270310230V / 1x29A6.64h1405020
PeugeotiOn20161555270230V / 1x16A3.75h1104020
Porsche Taycan - Mission Efrom 201990280320230V / 3x16A119h45m78035015
RenaultKangoo Crew Van ZE33201731100310230V / 1x32A7.45h---
RenaultZoe Q90 ZE40201837140255230V / 3x32A222h1304345
RenaultZoe R110 ZE4020183755235230V / 3x32A222h---
SmartEQ fortwo coupe201816.765255230V / 3x32A2255---
Smart EQ fortwo cabrio201816.755300230V / 3x32A2255---
SmartEQ forfour201816.755300230V / 3x32A2255---
TeslaModel 3available from 201952205250230V / 3x16A115h45m2407035
TeslaModel 3 Long Rangeavailable from 201972280255230V / 3x16A117h45m2909040
TeslaModel S 100D201794305305230V / 3x24A176h45m36012035
TeslaModel X 100D201794260360230V / 3x24A176h45m31012035
TeslaModel S P100D201694300310230V / 3x24A176h45m36012035
TeslaModel S 75D201672.5240300230V / 3x24A175h15m33012030
TeslaModel X P100D201794250375230V / 3x24A176h45m30012035
TeslaModel X 75D201672.5205350230V / 3x24A175h15m28012030
TeslaModel 3 Long Range Performanceavailable from 201972280255230V / 3x16A117h45m2909040
TeslaModel 3 Long Range Dual Motoravailable from 201972280255230V / 3x16A117h45m2909040
Volkswagene-Golf201732125255230V / 3x16A7.25h15m1304040
Volkswagene-Up!201618.765285230V / 1x16A3.76 h1305020
VolkswagenI.D.available from 201960230260230V / 3x16A116h30m32010030




Technical Data of PHEVs in the UK

BrandModel YearBattery Capacity (KWh)Range (mi)Consumption (Wh/mi)Type 1
Type 2
Combined Charging Systems CCS

Rapid ChargingMaximum AC current accepted (A)Maximum Charge Power (kW AC)Time (0% to 100%)Maximum DC current accpeted (A)Maximum Fast Charge Power (kW DC)Fast Charge Time (min) (10% to 80%)
AudiA3 Sportback E-Tron2016719365230V / 1x16A3.72h15m---
BMW330e iPerformance2015617350230V / 1x16A3.72h---
BMW225xe iPerformance Active ToureR2015512415230V / 1x16A3.71h45m---
BMW530e iPerformance2017821380230V / 1x16A3.72h45m---
BMW X5 xDrive40e2018919250230V / 1x16A3.72h45m---
BMW740e20167.415490230V / 1x16A3.72h30m---
BMWi3 Range Extender201727.295285230V / 3x16A113h1605025
BMWi3s Range Extender201727.290300230V / 3x16A113h1505025
HyundaiIONIQ Plug-in20177.126270230V / 1x14A3.32h45m---
KiaOptima Plug-in Hybrid20167.821370230V / 1x14A3.33h---
KiaOptima Sportswagon PHEV2017923390230V / 1x14A3.33h15m---
KiaNiro PHEV20177.122320230V / 1x14A3.32h45m---
MercedesE 350e Plug-In2016512415230V / 1x16A3.71h45m---
MercedesGLE 500e Plug-In20157.212600230V / 1x16A3.72h30m---
MercedesC 350e Plug-In Saloon2015516310230V / 1x16A3.71h45m---
MercedesC 350e Plug-In Estate2015516310230V / 1x16A3.71h45m---
MiniCountryman Cooper S E ALL420176.516405230V / 1x16A3.72h15m---
MitsubishiOutlander PHEV2017918500230V / 1x16A3.73h1252220
PorschePanamera 4 E-Hybrid20161121520230V / 1x16A3.73h30m---
ToyotaPrius Plug-in Hybrid2017725280230V / 1x16A3.72h15m---
Volkswagen Passat GTE2015820400230V / 1x16A3.72h45m---
VolkswagenGolf GTE2017719365230V / 1x16A3.72h15m---
VolkswagenPassat GTE Estate2015820400230V / 1x16A3.72h45m---
VolvoV60 D6 AWD2015818440230V / 1x16A3.72h45m---
VolvoXC-90 T8 Twin-Engine2014814570230V / 1x16A3.72h45m---
VolvoV60 D5 AWD2016818440230V / 1x16A3.72h45m---