UK EVSE is a Trade Association for the UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Sector.

Who we are?

UK EVSE is the Trade Association for the UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment sector.  Supply Equipment includes both electric vehicle (EV) charge points and the charge point management systems or 'back offices' that control electric vehicle recharging through e-mobility membership and payment services.

UK EVSE members include APT Controls, Charge Point Services, Gridscape Solutions, Robert Bosch, Rolec Services, Siemens, Source London and Trueform. 

UK EVSE is supported by Cenex, who provide an independent secretariat function for the association.

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What is the role of UK EVSE?

The role of UK EVSE is to provide an industry voice for members, engaging with key stakeholders to help promote the roll out of the infrastructure required to support motorists driving electric vehicles in the UK.

UK EVSE provides a collaborative platform whereby members can contribute to the development of industry standards and share best practice.  UK EVSE and its members provides guidance to national and local Government, organisations installing charge points, the motor industry and the motorist.

The aims of UK EVSE are;

  • to provide a collective and consistent voice for the active industry players within UK EVSE community
  • to support the development of a national and commercially sustainable network of charge point infrastructure to meet the operational needs of electric vehicle drivers
  • to work with the motor industry to aid the processes of introducing new electric vehicles to the UK market
  • to help shape technical standards (hardware and software related) for UK e-mobility, including providing input to key standards committees to ensure standards that are fit-for-purpose, easy to interpret and implement, future proof.  Standards are key to the trouble-free charging of electric vehicles and the development of a broadening range of e-mobility services
  • to support quality assurance within the UK e-mobility system including working toward the objective that every vehicle should recharge at every charging station for every recharge request
  • to ensure accurate and consistent public information regarding electric vehicle infrastructure and e-mobility schemes.  This includes countering any myths and misinformation found to circulating among stakeholders with a direct or indirect interest in UK e-mobility

This UK EVSE website offers an information hub including the latest news from the industry, as well as guidance as to charge point solutions and other useful resources.

For more information on how to become a member please visit the UK EVSE Membership Page.